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Working globally

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The Americas

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Do you have a global mindset?

Consider your ability to work globally. 

Assess the key competencies that employers seek, and how you evidence and make use of the key abilities.

Student Insight- securing roles in home countries

  • Conducting effective research
  • Explore your target industry
  • Understand the key growth areas in your chosen industry
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Advice on returning home

  • Explore the skills you can promote from your UK studies
  • How to network with employers ahead of returning
  • Ensuring you fit with the culture and standards back home

Further ideas to improve your chances back home

  •  Show your leadership and ability to take responsibility
  • Find your own definition for success
  •  Don’t be too specific in what you want
  • Stand up for yourself

Adapting your CV

  • Explore how to meet employer expections
  • Consider how to develop an effective layout.
  • Research how to adapt your CV for different countries.

What employers want from international students

Listen to an employer’s view on what is most looked for in a high quality international candidate.

Thank you in different languages

Interviews in other languages

  • Overcoming language fears
  • Developing your confidence when talking to employers
  • Delivering answers that connect with employers.