About Us

The Midlands International Group consists of careers representatives from  15 university Careers Services across the midlands working to support international students.

We work together to provide the best advice, events and resources possible to help you as an international student. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any specific questions we can help with.


Planning for Career Success – Skill Development for International Students 

Personal Development Planning (PDP):  PDP is the idea that rather than leaving our development to random chance we can take charge of it through conscious analysis and planning.  It is a system that you can use to address your educational and professional needs.  You can use it when you are at university to develop in a …

Making the most of your University’s Careers Service 

Did you know that the Midlands International Group (a group of representatives from over 15 Midlands based  university careers services) have a specific focus on careers support for international students and graduates? In this blog I will explain how to make the most of your university’s careers service as an international student.  There is such a wide range of support a careers service can offer. Our group is well aware that …

March 2018 Webinar Series for International Students

The Midlands International Group have arranged a number of events in previous years for international students in the region. Details of these events, plus recordings and access to resources, can be found below:

  1. Launching your International Career: Decide, Plan, Compete!
  2. Post-Study Working Visas
  3. Working as an Entrepreneur in the UK – Tier 1
  4. Launching your Global Finance Career in China
  5. Preparing to Work in your Home Country…Looking for Work in China
  6. International Students: get the edge in your graduate job market back home – and across the globe
  7. Preparing to work in your Home Country…Advice for global job hunting
  8. Global CVs and Personal Branding
  9. Working in the UK after Graduation – Tips for Tier 2 Success

For details of the presentation content or further information about the webinars that took place, please contact midlandsinternationalgroup@gmail.com