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How to use your internationalisation to stand out to UK employers

The common character when applying for graduate-level jobs is that everyone has a degree, so being able to articulate what makes you stand out from other candidates will give you a large advantage. Before starting to look for graduate-level jobs,… Continue Reading →

Explaining qualifications and work experience to UK and overseas employers

Why that particular qualification and why overseas? Employers are faced with ever-changing qualification changes, making it a job to keep on top of what study and training will make for the best employees within their company.  For an non-UK student,… Continue Reading →

5 reasons to hire an international student

I, like many fresh graduates, received many, many rejections for job applications. I often ask for feedback (unless the company clearly states they cannot give any); but time after time I receive the same one-liner: You were a good candidate,… Continue Reading →

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