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Returning home: employability tips for international students

International students at universities in the UK have a range of career options when they finish. Many will be interested in the possibility of working in the UK orinternationally and the idea of further study, in the UK or in… Continue Reading →

Developing a Global Mindset

Background The importance of international students developing a global mindset has been widely accepted in recent decades. In the Summer of 2020 the long-term global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to emerge at a time when some major… Continue Reading →

Planning for Career Success – Skill Development for International Students 

Personal Development Planning (PDP):  PDP is the idea that rather than leaving our development to random chance we can take charge of it through conscious analysis and planning.  It is a system that you can use to address your educational… Continue Reading →

UK CVs for International Students

You may be thinking of doing a part-time job whilst you study or a full time job in your vacation period.  Or you could be interested in doing an internship over the summer or planning to apply for graduate employment. … Continue Reading →

Global CVs

Global jobs – CV and application tips   So what is a global CV, or what makes a good global application, you may be asking? Having a single CV that could be used for everything would be a dream, but… Continue Reading →

What can you offer to employers back home?

You’ve studied and worked hard during your time in the UK and now, having graduated, it’s time to return home and begin your career journey.  What has your time in the UK given you that help you to stand out… Continue Reading →

Making the most of your University’s Careers Service 

Did you know that the Midlands International Group (a group of representatives from over 15 Midlands based  university careers services) have a specific focus on careers support for international students and graduates? In this blog I will explain how to make the most of your university’s careers service… Continue Reading →

Getting Work Experience

Why should international students get work experience in the UK? For many international students, getting UK work experience is important. It is likely to be valued by employers when you return home, and to give you a chance to develop… Continue Reading →

Top tips for establishing your own business within the UK and for securing Tier 1 sponsorship?

What are your top tips for helping international students to establish their own business within the UK and to secure Tier 1 sponsorship?  Establishing your own business is an exciting challenge that many students entertain.  This generation of graduates are… Continue Reading →

What are the top three recommended activities, outside of study, for newly arrived international students to engage in?

Arriving in a new country can be daunting, with the challenge of settling into a new culture, developing new study skills and approaches, as well as finding new activities and challenges to keep you happy and make you feel you belong. … Continue Reading →

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