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Information about how to prepare to go back home and also to find jobs in other countries.

Developing a Global Mindset

Background The importance of international students developing a global mindset has been widely accepted in recent decades. In the Summer of 2020 the long-term global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to emerge at a time when some major… Continue Reading →

Give your studies a global dimension

┬áDo you have what it takes to compete in a global market of today? Not sure what else you can do to develop your global competencies? Check our tips and advice on how to give your studies a global dimension… Continue Reading →

Why gain global competencies?

Why gain global competencies? Intercultural skills will benefit you whatever your career plans Are you open to trying out different things – new experiences, different cultures or learning things in new ways? Do you look out for, and exploit new… Continue Reading →

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