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Business Etiquette in the UK

As an international student, you may have experienced some cultural differences from what you would expect at home. If you are looking to gain employment in the UK, it is essential that you do everything you can to learn about… Continue Reading →

UK CVs for International Students

You may be thinking of doing a part-time job whilst you study or a full time job in your vacation period.  Or you could be interested in doing an internship over the summer or planning to apply for graduate employment. … Continue Reading →

Global CVs

Global jobs – CV and application tips   So what is a global CV, or what makes a good global application, you may be asking? Having a single CV that could be used for everything would be a dream, but… Continue Reading →

Networking in the UK when you lack confidence in your English-language skills

Networking is oft-cited as the most effective way to find a job.  Your university careers service will probably have resources on how to do this. However, as an international student, networking with people in the UK can seem daunting regardless of… Continue Reading →

Worried about being interviewed in a different language?

Firstly, it’s normal to feel nervous before a job interview. As long as the nerves do not get too much, this isn’t anything to worry about. Sometimes though you may feel additional worry or pressure because you are interviewing in… Continue Reading →

Networking and your Personal Brand.

There is a lot of information out there about ensuring you network effectively. I wanted to present some of the issues international students may face and propose practical ways to overcome these difficulties. However, firstly I want to talk about… Continue Reading →

What is networking?

Networking for International Students Image: CC0 – Public Domain.  No attribution required You might have heard about networking and how important it can be in helping individuals achieve their professional and personal goals.  But what exactly is it? Networking is… Continue Reading →

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