A blog is a written piece of information that often is used to give advice on a specific topic area.

The Midlands International Group works together to create blogs that are targetted at Internatioanl students who are looking for advice about work opportunities in the UK, overseas and in their home countries.

We work together to collate and create information based on what you want to know. Take a look at the categories below.

If you would like advice on something that is not on our wesbite, email us at

  1. Post study work options – this section provides useful blogs about your work options after you finish your study, including advice about employment in the UK and in your home country.
  2. Making the most of your time in the UK – whether you are new to the UK, considering studying in the UK or are already in the UK, this section provides useful blogs about making the most of your time here.
  3. What UK employers want – this page hosts blogs about the expectations of employers in the UK and is a good page to look at if you are considering starting your career in the UK. Get advice on making your internationalisation stand out to employers, business etiquette and more.
  4. Recruitment advice – here, you can access information about updating your CV and preparing for interviews.
  5. Global Options – if you are considering global career outside of the UK and your home country, this page will provide you with blogs about developing global skills. You will learn what employers are looking for and what you can do to develop yourself.